About us

IFOHRA brings robotics, automation and digitalization to healthcare.

As an independent institute, we analyze your processes and work with you to implement individual business case-based solutions and future-oriented technologies for the healthcare sector.

Circle bright

As a Medical Valley spin-off, we develop long-term technology plans in the context of the 5G infrastructure and the digitalization of clinical support processes. Our ecosystem consists of numerous cross-industry partner companies and is set to grow further as part of the Healthcare Robotic Portal.

Our commitment ensures that we are always at the cutting edge of research and technological development in the innovation sector.
We have also significantly expanded our network in the healthtech community through extensive partnerships and collaborations.



Dr. Michael Koschnike (left)


Frank Zitzmann (right)


Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Steffen Hamm

Prof. Dr. Steffen Hamm

Prof Dr. med. Wieland Voigt

Prof Dr. med. Wieland Voigt


Our vision

IFOHRA stands for Institute for Healthcare Robotics and Automation.

Our vision is to act as a link between healthcare facilities and technology providers to bring robotics, automation and digitalization to healthcare. As a healthcare consultancy, we always act in a human-centered manner and place people at the heart of our activities.

Our daily drive is the will to change.

IFOHRA wants to act, not react – and leave its mark in the process.

Robotics at Nuremberg Zoo

Robotics project for the Nuremberg Zoo.

Coming Soon